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"I exist to create HOPE, HABITS & HAPPINESS... to lead others into possibility."

-Emily Schwartz, Founder

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Hey hey! Emily here. I'm SO GLAD you are here! I love connecting with others and sure hope I get to do so with you.

I'm a born and raised Wisconsin girl and still call this area home with my husband, Joe, and puppy, Murphy.


I feel so fortunate to have a "village" behind me; my parents divorced when I was two years old. I share this part of my journey because it certainly was not easy, but I truly believe that every hard experience in our lives has been given to us for a reason. Each hardship teaches us something about ourselves and makes us stronger. My childhood gave me the gift of an incredibly large family, as well as a strong backbone to be resilient and brave.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work degree knowing that I wanted to work with people… I just didn’t quite know where and how at first! I feel so blessed to serve the way I do now. I hold an Expert Level Certification as a Health Coach and Healthy Eating for Weight Loss. 

I went from...

Being stressed in every way (mentally, physically, and emotionally) 

Taking two medications for anxiety each day

Holding a borderline-hospital-level percentage of body fat and 105lb. figure

Overtraining at a rate of six or seven days each week

Pulling out clumps of hair in the shower

Not having a menstrual cycle 


Feeling more at peace by giving myself grace

Taking ZERO medication

A 25% body fat level with a weight of 125lbs. 

Cutting intensive cardio completely, weight training three to five days per week

Having a full head of hair (that keeps getting longer!)

Having a regular menstrual cycle  

Solidifying my career in creating hope to lead others into possibility

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Meet Jen Schustek, WI

Jen is a restaurant owner and always takes care of others. She was ready to take care of HER! 
A simple cheek swab led our journey together and will carry her through her health goals forver.🧬 Here’s what we learned… 
1. She’s least efficient at fat loss with exercise. It’s all about what’s happening in the kitchen for her to be successful with her health goals!🍴 Little tweaks to her meals made a big difference. 
2. She has an increased risk of injury and slow recovery. Her workouts and attire needed to adhere to this to get results.
3. She has an increased risk of addictive tendencies. Having snacks - the RIGHT snacks for her body - prepped and ready as the only option was a lifesaver for her! 🥣 

She dropped TWENTY EIGHT POUNDS in three short months! 🥳

Tiffany Krueger, WI

"I was at an emotional low when I started with Emily in May of 2021. She encouraged me and helped me to learn how to be healthy. Usually in the winter I go into a state of depression. Not this year! The vitamins and eating clean foods have made a huge difference for me! I took some Christmas money and invested in the DNA and I am mind blown by what I am learning about myself. I’ve also maintained my twenty-pound weight loss all winter. My totals are twenty-eight inches lost, one shirt size down, and two pant sizes down! This journey has been amazing!!"

Amanda Hammond, WI

"I've struggled my entire life to lose weight and feel healthy. I no longer wanted to just get through my life. I no longer joking wished a terrible accident would just end all my suffering. Life sucked before. I was in pain constantly. I was tired all the time. I was a walking ball of stress. Hot mess express. Everything just felt too overwhelming.

You brought me answers. You brought me solutions. Solutions that worked for me because it was individually designed for me.
You brought me a community and family that has changed my life! You've helped me feel love for myself. You helped me remind my passion.
I could not even make up how you've made such a significant impact in my life Emily. I so grateful for you and our friendship. I am alive today because of you. Truly alive! Alive and full of life!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"




Maybe you’re sick and tired of trying the latest diet to patiently wait (and starve!) to see if it will work magical wonders for you...

Maybe you’re running for miles hoping to get “toned” legs, yet no progress is being made... 

Maybe you’re overwhelmed with the Instagram influencers posting their latest workouts to try and you have no clue where to start... 

Maybe you’re eating “healthy” but feeling anxious about it being "right" for you... 

Maybe you’re skipping meals in hopes of losing that belly fat, but left with no energy... 

If you relate to any of these statements, then the DNA-BASED PROGRAM is for you!

The DNA PROGRAM will give you: 

one-on-one coaching, nutrition guidance, workouts tailored to you, weekly check-ins online and bi-weekly phone check-ins, as well as a 45-minute consult,




NEW: FOLLOW-UP RECORDING OF DNA REVIEW. DNA test kit must also be purchased at enrollment. 

3-Month Committment / Price Varies



Register here

The first thing I want to mention is that if you’ve failed at reaching your wellness goals in the past, it's not your fault. There's a lot of information out there, and it can be confusing. Oftentimes, information overload keeps you from success. If you've been concerned that you just can't succeed with your wellness goals without dieting or exercising 24/7, I want to put those fears to rest. You can do this. You just need the right community behind you.

People traditionally attack their wellness goals by; cutting calories, trying keto/cutting important food groups, not eating enough protein, over exercising, all in hopes something magical will happen. Here’s why that’s hard - it takes our body time to adjust and to see if what you are doing will actually work. Once you truly see/understand how your body works and what it needs to thrive, you “can’t unsee it”.


You will learn three secrets on How To Reach Your Wellness Goals Without Dieting Or Exercising 24/7 in this interactive masterclass.

These tools will allow you to: 
- Begin your personalized wellness journey with easy action steps.
- Adopt a sustainable plan for not having to be “married” to diet and exercise to achieve wholehearted wellness. 
- Have focused, dedicated time with your instructor to discuss your habits and gain insight on how to succeed (complimentary 1:1 time with instructor included with enrollment)  

This program is for individuals who: 
- Feel like they are constantly running into roadblocks on their health and wellness journey
- Feel anxious and overwhelmed from all of the diet and exercise options that are available
- Are having trouble sleeping, experiencing low energy levels, workout yet see no results, or simply feel “out of whack”
Dates: Rotating. Contact Emily for next availability. 
Time: Three, One-Hour Sessions. Virtual 
Cost: $100
Instructor: Emily Schwartz, Owner & Founder of Wholehearted Health with Emily 

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Give your body a kickstart for more energy and less stress! You’ll ramp up your metabolism, kick the sugar cravings to the curb, and experience greater digestive health in a few short weeks.


Did you know that our liver controls our metabolism? And, that our stomach is our second brain?


When we do not honor and care for these organs, along with our kidneys, we do not function at our best. The vicious cycle of feeling irritable, groggy, heavy, and bloated makes it hard to lose unwanted belly fat.


Give your body what it needs! Kickstart those internal processes with these essentials to clean up your gut, feel great and have more energy!


The DETOX JUMPSTART will give you: one-on-one coaching, nutrition guidance, workouts, and weekly check-ins. Detox or small burn bundle must also be purchased at enrollment. 

4-Week Commitment / Price Varies



One-Week Committment / $0

3 Day Committment / $100 

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