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Hey hey! Emily here. I'm SO GLAD you are here! I love connecting with others and sure hope I get to do so with you.

I'm a born and raised Wisconsin girl and still call this area home with my husband, Joe, and puppy, Murphy. 🐶


I feel so fortunate to have a "village" behind me; my parents divorced when I was two years old. I share this part of my journey because it certainly was not easy, but I truly believe that every hard experience in our lives has been given to us for a reason. Each hardship teaches us something about ourselves and makes us stronger. My childhood gave me the gift of an incredibly large family, as well as a strong backbone to be resilient and brave.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work degree knowing that I wanted to work with people… I just didn’t quite know where and how at first! I feel so blessed to serve the way I do now. I hold an Expert Level Certification as a Health Coach and Healthy Eating for Weight Loss. 


I went from...

  • Being stressed in every way (mentally, physically, and emotionally) 

  • Taking two medications for anxiety each day

  • Holding a borderline-hospital-level percentage of body fat and 105lb. figure

  • Overtraining at a rate of six or seven days each week

  • Pulling out clumps of hair in the shower

  • Not having a menstrual cycle ​


  • Feeling more at peace by giving myself grace

  • Taking ZERO medication

  • A 25% body fat level with a weight of 125lbs. 

  • Cutting intensive cardio completely, weight training three to five days per week

  • Having a full head of hair (that keeps getting longer!)

  • Having a regular menstrual cycle  

  • Solidifying my career in creating hope to lead others into possibility

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My Story

I started this journey in May of 2018. I filled out TWENTY FIVE charts hoping I would be able to finally read my body’s signs during every. single. one. I knew that coming off of birth control to return to a natural cycle wouldn’t be easy, but I had NO CLUE it would be this hard.

I knew that stopping birth control pills could result in period loss for a while, but certainly not this long. With the advice of my Natural Family Planning instructor, I sought out medical help after about a year of no period. That was a disaster. That doctor refused to listen to my story, and only wanted me to take a pregnancy test for her peace of mind before leaving her office. I did with tears in my eyes.

We went through multiple hormone tests (and I HATE needles!) to check levels. We went to an endocrinologist to be absolutely sure there was nothing medically pressing going on. I felt lost only leaving the office with the next steps of “just gain weight” ... but no guidance on how to do that.



I'm SO thankful for others sharing personalized solutions. Having someone REALLY hear my story and help develop a plan to get my cycle back was a dream come true. I increased my calories A TON, cut back my training - especially cardio - A TON, worked on stress management A TON, and nailed down the supplements that are necessary FOR ME. I had to constantly remind myself to trust the process.


In the last few years, I’ve...

  • gained almost twenty-five pounds

  • doubled my body fat percentage

  • grown to love my new body (ladies - a six pack does not equal health - in fact it can be damaging)

  • cut back on alcohol

  • taken my personalized vitamins to fill in gaps

  • And I FINALLY got to hug my husband with tears in our eyes because a normal cycle has returned 

I hope this reaches someone that needs to hear it today. No matter what your goal is, know that you deserve more than a cookie cutter answer. I’m more than happy to help you get that. I’m so thankful for the resources I now have and the gift that I have to help others.

Don't hesitate to reach out!


 Let's connect and embark on this transformative journey together. Click the button below to get in touch, and let's start building a foundation for your personalized plan for well-being.

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